Insurance and Bonding

Our standard liability insurance policies meet the strictest requirements and endorsements for the mining and railroad industries and we can meet whatever is required for your job. Our Commercial General Liability limits are $1 million/$2 million with a $5 million umbrella and a CSL of $1 million for Automobile Liability. Workers Compensation and Employers liability is $1 million. We also carry pollution and railroad protective coverage.

Impact can provide payment and performance bonding for any project through our bond underwriter.

Impact Contractors has never failed to complete any work awarded to them or been terminated for cause nor have they ever filed or been the subject of any lawsuits or requested arbitration or mediation with regards to any contracts.

“Impact Contractors personnel were easy to work with and very sensitive to the needs and desires of Brigham Young University. They were extremely helpful in offering ideas and solutions to resolving unforeseen complications. I would highly recommend working with them. Impact Contractor’s innovative demolition techniques allowed us to save several trees which were in close proximity to the structures being demolished. During the pre-build meeting, we were told by other contractors that it would be impossible to save the trees. Their skill and expertise were continually demonstrated throughout demolition.”   Brigham Young University