Impact and Impact personnel have the experience necessary to manage multiple dispersed projects past projects. Past projects that have been simultaneously performed and managed using in-house management and on-site personnel were:

McCoy Cove Mine Demolition: This project involve the salvage and sale of mining equipment still in usable condition, demolition of warehouses, office and mill buildings totaling 250,000 sq ft. with a volume of 2.4 2 million cubic feet, above ground storage tanks, mine process equipment, removal of utilities, environmental concerns and reclamation of a 4,000 acres BLM administered property located in Lander County, Nevada.

Gold Quarry ATS Facility Demolition: Project involved the demolition of mine buildings, salvage of thickener's, utilities, removal closure of tailings pond and environmental concerns, located in Eureka County, Nevada.

Ogden City Mall Parking Structure Demolition: Demolition and removal of mall parking structure located in Ogden, Utah.

Simplot Conda Mine Mill Demolition: Complete removal of all mill facility structures located north of Soda Springs, Idaho.

Rain Mine Demolition: Salvage and demolition of various structure types from warehouse buildings to truck shops and crushing plants located in Elko County, Nevada.

"I just wanted to take the time to let you know how much we appreciated ..... Chase’s leadership and wisdom during the time they have been here on-site for the demolition of the mine at Pinchi. They are always there ready and willing to do whatever it took to get the job done. When things slowed down with demolition they both jumped in and assisted with loading trucks. They have been very focused and pay attention to details with respect to the demolition. Their attention and dedication to safety, ensuring the job is done safely was a definite benefit to our project management team. Chase was always looking for areas to assist our contractor’s supervisors and lead the team with enthusiasm."

Mel Mabbot
Construction / Mine Manager
Teck Resources Ltd – Pinchi Mine